Krew Challenge


KrewChallenge is a challenge initiated by athletes in order to stress the importance of blood donations. Its very beginning is rugby, as it has been started by PromoRugby and Arka Gdynia RC who challenged various rugby clubs in the Polish Tri-City (Cities of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot) to participate.

The challenge to every club is to organise and motivate its athletes, board members, fans, as well as friends and families to donate blood and than to nominate another club or clubs to take on a similar rally. There is no time limit to complete KrewChallenge and it is not limited to Rugby Clubs only. Everyone is welcome to join! It is about saving lives. Every drop of blood is priceless, so the organisers will welcome everyone willing to donate.

The main aim of the challenge is to raise the awarness of saving lives and improving health of the society, so with “domino effect” of KrewChallenge we hope for media support and wider promotion of this great cause. The challenge will be visible in the social media, radio and TV stations, as well as press.

Should you need help with making a story about your blood donation, please send your video material to We will than give it a nice finish and post it on social media.

Forward us any records (photo, video, information) of your donation, details of who nominated you and who did you decide to nominate. We will continue to update you with the amount of blood donated as part of KrewChallenge, using specially prepared digital images/charts.

We will contribute by:

1. Promoting KrewChallenge in the media, including your featured videos. Actively cooperating with clubs, members groups and other parties involved or those who will show interest in participating.
2. Coordinating donor stations by liaising with Health Service.
3. Organising the operations of the donor stations.
4. Organising educational and promotional events focusing on importance of blood donation, transplantology and paramedic assistance.
5. Organising educational and promotional events focusing on a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating and the importance of regular excercise.
6. Organising sporting, leisure and tourist events.
7. Organising cultural events.
8. Organising conferences, seminars, trainings and presentations.
9. Taking care of all public relations related to KrewChallenge.

…Ideas are countless!!😊 we are hoping they continue and grow to help KrewChallenge reach a wider audience and create a huge interest!